The following items are needed for review and credit analysis for all commercial real estate loan submissions. A detailed executive summary and loan request is critical to all preliminary loan submissions in order for our professionals to adequately evaluate each transaction in an efficient manner.

Items needed for loan submission

Choose that which is applicable to your project

  • Executive summary and loan request
  • Business/feasibility report
  • Property description including location, address, age, number and size of units, general physical aspects of the property
  • Background on borrowers including: resume, ownership track record, credit/background authorization, management experience, net worth and liquidity
  • Current rent roll detailing unit number, tenant, square footage and monthly rent with lease start and end dates
  • Year end (3 years financial record)
  • Proforma operating budget for next 12 months
  • Detailed sources and use of funds (senior debt, mezzanine, equity purchase price, rehab costs, soft costs)
  • Map
  • Color photo (10 or more digital preferred) & aerial photos (if available)
  • Purchase & sale contract (for acquisition loan)
  • Latest MAI appraisal (if available)
  • Environmental report (if any)
  • Engineering report (if any)
  • Personal financial statement, name, address, DOB, SS# & home phone of all principals
  • Name, address, phone & fax of borrowers counsel
  • Name, address, & Tax ID # of ownership entity
  • ALTA survey
  • Title insurance policy
  • Copies of all pertinent real estate tax and utility bills (required at closing)
  • Copies of leases (if applicable)
  • Copy of banking license