Offshore Capital is a corporate Advisor to Pacific OTC. This platform provides offshore capital the network to raise both equity and debt for projects and corporations.

The procedure for listing is as follows:

i).Pre-Funding Services.

  1. Advise on the optimal financing model for the company to ensure commercially viable operation attractive for foreign direct investment.
  2. Assist to review, package and prepare STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN (SBP)for the company, incorporating item (a) above for any company seeking funding and listing through Pacific OTC.
  3. Assist to get the SBP rated by Dunn & Bradstreet or other rating Agencies.
  4. Assist to prepare, establish and implement appropriate INTERNAL CONTROL SYSTEMS/MEASURES for the Company.
  5. Assist to establish good CORPORATE GOVERNANCE and RISK MANAGEMENT by the Company.

ii).Funding Services.

  1. Appointment of Professional Parties to the Issue and Listing Exercise.
  2. Structure and Prepare appropriate Prospectus and Private Placement Document for Investors.
  3. Arrange with Pacific OTC either firm or standby underwriters  for the Equity or Debt financing.
  4. Raise debt or equity financing through Pacific OTC platform or financial Investors in their database.
  5. Allotment of securities to subscribers/investors.
  6. Closing the fund raising exercise.

iii). Listing and Trading of Securities.

  1. Endorse the Issuer Company and securities for Listing with Pacific OTC.
  2. Submit Issuer Company’s Listing Application Form to Pacific OTC for approval.

iv). Time frame from Engagement to Completion and Listing. This is dependent on the use of underwriting on best effort basis for the capital issue. The definite timeline for underwritten issue will be captured in the issue timetable and the Listing Agreement. The time frame for best endeavour basis over a period of 30 days effective from the date of listing.