Over the years, clients have always come to us with various business plan. While we don’t doubt that clients should have an investment document in their possession, the normal practice standard is to restructure such business plans to meet with a lenders requirement. Offshore Capital charge fees for documentation that entails business plan restructuring, or starting a fresh business plan and other submission that must be made to the lender.

The business plans prepared should capture the following:
The primary assessment is designed to provide a clear outline of the project’s overall financing options. It is an information exchange process used for both the client and Offshore Capital & Asset Investment LLC to establish business goals and objectives, credit information and an analysis of the business project.

  • Information gathering and initial analysis
  • Review existing business plan (if available)
  • Review of project parameters and available financing infrastructure
  • Review of personal and business credit reports
  • Elementary due-diligence of existing business model and management
  • Customized proposal and time-line of our comprehensive financing program.

Details of the BUSINESS PLAN
All lenders and/or investors require a well thought-out business plan. This is a key element in achieving a credible impression and potentially optimal loan amount with any bank or financing firm when starting or expanding your business.

  • Detailed review and/or establishment of financial projections.
  • Establish clear and realizable goals and objectives.
  • Create a logical path of milestones
  • Emphasize the positive parameters of the project.
  • Develop and/or evaluate overall business strategy
  • Determine success factors
  • Fee structure is performance based.

An investment grade presentation package, including the business plan, features the project in a prepared professional format that lenders/investors expect.

  • Offshore Capital & Asset Investment LLC will distribute to the screened list of lenders/investors
  • Up to 25 lenders/investors will be contacted, based on the project risk profile.
  • Client will receive a weekly progress update
  • Client has full control on acceptance of financing proposals offered by lenders/investors

A dedicated checks-and –balance consultation period after financing has been obtained. This management tool is vital in monitoring the business performance and its alignment with the business goals and objectives originally established.

  • Review and/or adjust management skills and systems
  • Organise and establish employee and customer survey(s)
  • Review and or adjust business efficiency and processes
  • Provide prepared reports for effective management use