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Offshore Capital And Asset Management LLC

We are a strategic advisory company in association with a US based Investment Banking Corporation .

What We Offer!

We are is a Consultancy Firm offering services in domestic/international finance arrangement, project management, development finance, investment banking, asset management, sectorial studies and training.

Monetization of Financial Assets

1. BANK DRAFT MONETIZATION from top rated 25 banks
2. BG, SBLC, MTN, LTN, IBOE monetization
3. Blocked funds monetization
4. Lease BG, SBLC and MTN
5. Purchase BG, SBLC and MTN
6. Non-recourse loan for projects
7. Recourse loan for projects
8. Offshore Bank Account application

We have Receivers for the following:
a.             KTT
b.             GPI
c.              Ledger to Ledger
d.             DTC
e.             MT103
f.               IPIP

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Over 3000 Clients

21 Years in Business

Loan Guarantees

Our partners are able to provide guarantees for clients that have funding commitments…

Capital Market Finance

This programme is in association with swiss-based group. It encompasses Security laws, Stock Exchange Listing….

Bridge Financing

This programme is used when money is needed in a hurry and should be replaced by other …loans….

Project Finance

Offshore Capital LC carries out Business plan and Due diligence to fund commercially viable projects.

Collaterised Loan

This loan is 10 million or higher. The payment is made over 10 years period. No load penalty….

Merchant Banking

Offshore Capital seeks to create long-term alignment with its clients and investors.

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