Our Partners Are Able To provide guarantees for client that have funding commitments and are looking for a way to secure sure loans.


US$ 15.0 Million Minimum loan, Maximum determined by project ceiling Lender requires that borrower has at least 5% of loan amount in the bank to be verified by a current copy of bank statement or a Proof of Funds letter from borrower’s CPA or the bank addressed to the Lender.


Note – This program is not recommended for long term situations. It is expensive and should only be used when money is needed in a hurry and should be replaced by other, more conventional loans as quickly as possible. 

1. This Lender is a private money lender and is basically real estate oriented. They understand and prefer real estate as collateral for their loans. 2. Loan amounts can be as low as $250,000 and up to $25 Million or more.


Loan sizes 10 million or higher . No collateral from client -collateral provided from third party . Payments made over 10 year period – no prepayment penalty . Interest is Libor plus 0%-3% (Average rate 6.5%)


Core Competences . Securities Law . Stock Exchange listings/IPOs . Private offering documents . Public offering prospectuses . Public company structuring . Tax related issues . Cross-border issues . Public company reporting . Public company compliance . Escrow services . De-risking of transactions . Agreements


Offshore Capital (OC) understand that trade finance clients come from various backgrounds with different needs. The instruments that clients require can be differentiated in their instrument size, instrument duration, payment structure, rating of issuing or advising bank and the relationship the client maintains with their banks. We are also aware that the arena of Trade Finance can be complicated for clients who are more focused in their manufacturing/commodities/etc business. In turn OC also works with appointed brokers and representatives of those clients to best arrive at a dynamic solution. Ultimately, OC always maintains a client-focused vision to arrive and provide the best solution for the client.


OC Trade Finance Providers focuses to provide clients with the best solution to their unique needs. This involve providing issuance of, but not limited to, the following: . Bank Guarantee (BG) . Letter of Credit (LC) . Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)


Offshore Capital Partners as a recognized International financial services and merchant banking company involved in the financing of major companies and projects catering to many mid to large companies, institutions, private equity sponsors and clients internationally as well as having a reputation for willing to be very aggressive and considering a variety of transaction types we often find that many of these organizations seeking financing have severe difficulty in raising cost effective capital or are unable to secure the amount of capital needed to meet the company’s objectives. Many of these transactions have complex issues which discourage traditional banks and financial institutions from seriously considering a transaction. For example some of the most common reasons for lack of ability to secure capital are: lack of cash equity, highly leveraged balance sheet, limited or poor financial statements from past operations, high loan to values, new construction of a project where immediate cash flow is non-existent or limited for a period of time during construction, industry considered risky, geographical location of the company or the project being capitalized.

OFFSHORE CAPITAL Partners has identified a market need for a solution to this common obstacle and problem faced by many quality companies and borrowers who are faced with complex and non-bankable transactions from a traditional standpoint.

Our staff works closely with the client to maximize the value of the company’s balance sheet, tangible and intangible assets, cash flow and contractual receivables to support the company’s financial projections and use of funds by underwriting these assets and arranging for unconditional and irrevocable financial guarantees that guarantee the lender or creditor principal and in some cases interest payments will be received in full and on time backed by the creditworthiness of the financial guarantee issuer. The form of the financial guarantee arranged can vary based on the specifics and requirements of any specific transaction, however typically they are in the form of a stand by letter of credit, letter of guarantee or financial guarantee bond from a major insurance company.

OFFSHORE CAPITAL’s professionals strive to create innovative financing alternatives to assist companies in refinancing, acquisitions, recapitalizations, and restructurings by utilizing securitization techniques and in-depth experience. We have experience in underwriting and leveraging cash flows from both tangible and intangible assets. The financial guarantee arranged by OFFSHORE CAPITAL enhances these transactions by guaranteeing all or a portion of the financial obligations of the company. In addition, our involvement can substantially increase the overall level of lender or investor acceptance of these complex and often ground-breaking transactions by dramatically mitigating the lenders credit risks of default and loss of capital. In most cases the financial guarantee provided has a Standard & Poor’s or Moody’s rating of “A” or better therefore credit enhancing a specific transaction to be considered investment grade credit worthy of attention by the financial markets due to the low financial risk.