Offshore Capital’s private equity group in concert with a select alliance of well capitalized and established US and European Private Equity Funds engineer and execute direct buy out and growth equity investments across a wide variety of industries. Our investment profile is stated below:

Target companies

  • Ownership structure
  • Closely held companies, usually with direct family ownership and operational control
  • Publicity traded companies
  • Subsidiaries & divisions of publicity trade companies
  • Revenue exceeding US $20 million annually

Investment types

  • Leverage buy outs
  • Recapitalization
  • Growth capital
  • Turnaround capital for underperforming companies

Ownership interest

  • Controlling interest (believe to be the majority of investment opportunities)
  • Significant minority interests, protected by comprehensive shareholder agreements.

Investment universe

  • Restricted to European and US opportunities
  • Capitalize on market imbalances and emerging trends in Europe & North America

The select private equity firms with which we partner have

  • Combined equity commitments exceeding $6 billion US
  • Well established investment track records in the US and Europe in generating substantial returns on invested capital for their Limited Partners
  • Deep understanding of the business fundamentals, local European country economies and competitive dynamics of numerous industry sectors
  • Substantial investment portfolios including various industry leaders