We offer a possibility to open an account in Switzerland (personal or corporate) for Euro. Your client’s visit in Switzerland is necessary

Private Banking services available. If you have a clients with fund/cash(asset we can open an account in Switzerland for private banking relationship.

Go Public          

We are Expert in Public Company listing

We offer Listing services in:

  • Pacific OTC
  • Frankfurt
  • Berlin
  • AIM London and AIM Italy
  • London Stock Exchange
  • GXG Markets
  • Nyse Euronext
  • Nasdaq /OTCBB
  • Dual Listing Project
  • Full Services , We have direct contact with Broker/Dealer
  • We are a qualify Investors Data base (500,000 investor).
  • We organize Raise Capital Investor Road show
  • We are direct to Private Banking and investment in Public Markets
  • Bank Account opening Services in London, Switzerland, Malta, Cyprus, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania